“It has been entirely due to your kindness, patience and strength – and also your faith in me that has meant I have gone on to re connect with enjoying every moment of my time with my horsey friends.

You have also been such a patient and consistent teacher – You are never ambiguous, your vision is very clear, your really know your stuff

I am deeply grateful to you – You have enabled me to continue to realise my potential – and the potential of the horses”
– Dimi

“I am deeply grateful to you – You have enabled me to continue to realise my potential – and the potential of the horses. This is entirely due to your kindness and strength and also your incredible knowledge of the way of the horse.

You have been such a patient and consistent teacher – You are never ambiguous , your vision is very clear and you have a deep understanding of the classical principles.

Visualising the movement, feeling the movement, experiencing the movement, understanding the movement – These are the key questions that can be so very elusive – you have been a guide for me to the find the answers.”
– Dimi

“Thank you for your part in my life I will always have the deepest respect for you as a person and as a fabulous horseman.”
– Karen

“The Club instructor put them over poles, then jumps. They went around so calm, that the instructor did not understand what the problem was. Child and Horse home happy and safe, yeah! ”
– Sam

“Thanks again for a wonderful lesson yet again. I enjoy them so much and always feel like I walk away with a new treasured bit of information. And I love the way the lessons just unfold in the most perfect way possible. It is very refreshing for me as it is, as you would say “organic”. ”
– Heike

“I feel that little by little it’s slowly seeping in & I love the relationship Boston and I now have, I look at my old training methods and I can see that you have given me a gift. And this gift has given me an understanding of horses that has forever changed how I will train, act and be when I am with them and for that I will always be grateful to you. ”
– Josie

“Your depth of knowledge and the way in which you deliver it is awesome. ”
– Karen

“He was really good again today and much more relaxed. I know I am making good progress. I am learning more from him (the horse) than I could have dreamed of! I feel like I am growing so much with every step I am taking. This is so exciting for me!”
– Lee

“It’s so lovely that you take such an active interest in her, both inside and outside the horse world – she really is so lucky and grateful to have met someone so holistically connected to her interests.”
– Student’s mother

“Thanks for the clear and practical advice…. it needs to be spelt out as clearly as you have.
Had a fantastic street trail ride on Zig tonight. 7 kms of hills, a bit of bush but mainly roads, cars, trucks, tree shredders, sheep, alpacas, cattle – all encountered and it didn’t matter. I was on her back the whole time; I was able to control the head, front end and pace without much fuss. Zig was very relaxed and had fun – no stress sweating and stretched neck 90% of the way in walk or trot of slow or fast pace.”
– David

“Your support and advice has been invaluable and I thank you so much.”
– Kathryn

“Something has clicked with her, I feel a definite change…I love my little pony; I don’t care what all the knockers say.”
– Student

“Just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. What a wonderful experience for the boys and I to have!”
– Student

“Thank you again for yesterday’s lesson! I always learn so much and you never cease to amaze me! You know exactly what to do and when to do it.”
– Student

“Thank you for your patience and persistence with me and Charlie. I have ridden such a roller coaster with my riding and nerves over the past 6 or so years. I know I can ride but it seems I have forgotten how to. Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I am truly thankful to you for turning it back on. ”
– Student