Gydle Benefits

The Gydle is for the rider wanting effective communication without cruelty.

By eliminating fear and discomfort, and enabling clear communication, the Gydle helps you become a true partnership, enjoying your equestrian pursuits.

The Gydle helps you build confidence, relaxation, communication and balance, kindly.

The Gydle helps both horse and rider have a more enjoyable ride.

The elastic jaw strap holds the noseband on snugly, but gently, so

your horse’s confidence, calmness and co-operation improve because your horse: –

green-heart-hi     is not frightened by the noseband tightening around its face as you pull on the reins

green-heart-hi     never feels trapped and frightened by a tight, inflexible noseband

green-heart-hi     understands the clear rein aids that you can apply with feel, timing, and consistency, so reducing the stress of confusion

green-heart-hi     can feel subtle rein aids via gentle variations in contact, much like riding with contact in a bridle

green-heart-hi     can process information by chewing, licking and yawning without restriction

green-heart-hi     can express and release tension by twisting its jaws or opening its mouth

green-heart-hi     can easily eat rewards, or graze to relax

green-heart-hi     can breathe easily

green-heart-hi     will have no pain or injury

– to its poll or jaws, as there is no leverage action

– to its tongue, bars or palate, as there is no bit

green-heart-hi     will not develop bit-related defensive behaviours

The rider’s confidence and relaxation improves because:-

bright-green-check-mark-md     you are not afraid of hurting the horse’s mouth

bright-green-check-mark-md     you still have communication through the reins if the horse opens its mouth

bright-green-check-mark-md     you can use the reins in your preferred manner;

–   with contact

–   with long or loose reins

–   one-rein, or two-rein riding

bright-green-check-mark-md     the horse looks and feels more relaxed, allowing you to feel more relaxed, which helps the horse feel more relaxed….

bright-green-check-mark-md     you have clear communication via the reins

The rider has clear communication because:-

bright-green-check-mark-md     You can maintain contact in two reins, which allows you to

–   be specific about how you want the horse to position his body.

–   use precise and subtle rein aids when developing communication and athleticism

–   set the horse up to achieve self-carriage

bright-green-check-mark-md     The rein pressure is controllable

bright-green-check-mark-md     You can use the reins in the English or Western style

bright-green-check-mark-md     The noseband pressure is consistent

–   the rein pressure you apply only transfers to the top, padded section of the noseband.

–   the noseband does not go completely loose when you release the reins, leaving the horse to guess, or decide, what to do next

–   there is minimal sliding of the noseband

–   there are no swinging ropes under the jaw transferring to the horse’s head

bright-green-check-mark-md     You are able to maintain an outside rein, important for controlling balance, circles and turns

The Gydle is useful for training and retraining because:-

green-heart-hi     the aids have a similar clarity to a bit, but without the same potential for pain

green-heart-hi     the horse can easily eat food rewards while wearing the Gydle

green-heart-hi     the trainer can diagnose problems expressed through jaw movements and adjust the training accordingly

green-heart-hi     the jaw expressions provide valuable feedback regarding confidence, physical and mental stress, comprehension, relaxation and progress

green-heart-hi     the horse can be helped to relax by being able to graze while wearing the Gydle

green-heart-hi     allows communication without creating issues related to the bit

green-heart-hi     bit-damaged horses can learn without reliving their issues related to the bit

green-heart-hi     beginner and unbalanced riders will not hurt the horse’s sensitive mouth

More benefits:

bright-green-check-mark-md     The reins do not cause the noseband to crank tightly around the horse’s head, pull down on the poll, or completely lose contact, which would create fear and confusion and lead to difficult and dangerous behaviour.

bright-green-check-mark-md     You can jump without fear of jabbing the horse in the mouth.

bright-green-check-mark-md     You can use the reins with the necessary clarity to improve the horse’s physical balance, which in turn improves its

  mental balance (calmness, confidence and cooperation)

–   athletic ability, allowing you to direct your horse mostly through your seat – lightness

  longevity, as the forces are taken evenly over all 4 limbs

–   soundness, when the horse is not forced into a frame, but instead is balanced and free to move its back and limbs

  comfort, due to being able to relax its back and swing its limbs without tension

  appearance, as it develops symmetrical musculature and the ability to carry itself with greater presence and more elevation

bright-green-check-mark-md     Suitable for the performance rider in many disciplines including dressage, jumping and Working Equitation

bright-green-check-mark-md     Suitable for casual riders

bright-green-check-mark-md     Suitable for trail riders


A few pages of written words cannot teach you how to ride, communicate well, or be safe around horses. Horses are dangerous and any number of things can go wrong at any time. All interactions with horses are subject to knowledge, experience, skill, attitude and circumstances. No tool can, of itself, keep you completely safe around horses. One way to help minimize the risks is develop the necessary skills and awareness with the help of good quality, face-to-face assistance from a skilled equestrian.